University Professional & Continuing Education Association Announces Partnership with Destiny Solutions

Pioneering education industry association teams up with leading education technology provider to advance the business of continuing, professional and online education.

WASHINGTON, March 26, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — The University Professional & Continuing Education Association (UPCEA) today announced a strategic partnership with Destiny Solutions, the leading innovator of lifelong learning business solutions. Long recognized as an industry expert for enterprise business systems, including customer relationship management (CRM), student information systems (SIS), and enterprise resource planning (ERP), Destiny Solutions has been recognized by UPCEA as a Platinum Level Industry Partner.

“The higher education industry is at the forefront of opportunity like never before, requiring institutions to implement bold changes in how they engage working adults and manage their business operations,” said Shaul Kuper, President and CEO of Destiny Solutions. “We applaud UPCEA’s vision to help transform higher education, and look forward to collaborating and innovating with UPCEA and its members.”

With a series of bold strategic initiatives in the past year, UPCEA is quickly becoming an indispensable resource for higher education institutions looking to expand their market potential in the growing continuing, professional and online education industry. The partnership helps to extend this strategic repositioning by partnering with Destiny Solutions, which specializes in helping educators reimagine the way they do business, providing the industry’s first integrated business system for lifelong education.

The two organizations will collaborate on the development of strategies to improve student engagement and enrollment, business agility and operational integrity to help UPCEA member institutions manage the increasingly competitive global landscape. Under the agreement, Destiny Solutions and UPCEA’s Center for Research and Consulting (CRC) will join forces with selected Deans in a “Reimagine Dialogue” throughout the year to research and share transformative business practices.

“With a rapidly evolving global economy, our institutions have no choice but to develop effective strategies to lead us through these daunting challenges,” said Bob Hansen, CEO of UPCEA. “This collaboration will leverage Destiny Solutions’ commitment to the industry, extensive knowledge and proven expertise to better enable UPCEA members to adopt best practices to achieve success in managing the business of lifelong education.”

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