Implementation of ERP Software

We provide a superior client based implementation process. Contribution to the entire education system by adding value to it is our main motive. Eduberry-ERP is not only a solution, but also a process, a function, a medium to integrate all the supplementary activities of an education management system. For the proper utilization & benefit from ERP, the implementation is of utmost importance. With a leak proof implementation method we provide the best resource planner & task organizer for a smooth tech-driven management of educational institutes.

In order to provide clients the best value for their trust in Eduberry we ensure a well – researched and practical implementation methodology.

We ensure the following implementation method is adhered to for smooth implementation.

  • Detailed analysis of clients existing processes.
  • Understanding of current needs and future requirements of clients.
  • Identification of processes that can be and that cannot be migrated to the Eduberry ERP.
  • Existing and legacy data gathering through data sheets and pre-formatted templates.
  • Refill Eduberry application database to avoid reworking on available data.
  • Verification of database by concerned client representatives.
  • Training for Admin users and other users through training programs.
  • Live implementation trial runs.
  • Providing small and minor customizations
  • Communication to concerned users for available processes on live application.
  • Allocation of dedicated service team for continuous support.

We understand why ERP Implementations Fail. Read our complete article for further details.

  • Lack of proper staff training.
  • Lack of resources in the organization.
  • Internal resistance by employees to work on a new system.
  • Lack of proper usage of some department.
  • Wrong selection of ERP.

We inform our clients to be aware of these and avoid committing common mistakes.

All this is coupled with our constant learning outlook to keep improving our processes.