ScholarChip® Announces New Platform for NFC Phones

NEW YORK, March 23, 2012 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — ScholarChip® is pleased to announce the immediate availability of its school safety and operations applications for phones equipped with Near Field Communication (NFC) technology.

ScholarChip’s School Safety and Operations (SSOS) platform includes applications for taking attendance in classrooms and on school buses, monitoring hall traffic, paying for public transportation, making mobile payments, and ticketing for extracurricular events. The applications have been highly successful, using ScholarChip kiosks to read students’ smart cards and other tokens. Now the process can be even easier.

New NFC-equipped Android phones can now complement the existing devices that read ScholarChip tokens. ScholarChip has issued more than 700,000 smart tokens over the past six years—including smart cards, fobs and paper tags—and the new NFC applications will be compatible with all of ScholarChip’s existing tokens, integrating seamlessly into the company’s established SSOS platforms.

A school using the new ScholarChip SSOS platform will be able to consolidate operations, reducing administrative overhead costs while increasing security and accountability.

The addition of NFC mobile devices to ScholarChip’s SSOS platform will create an integrated experience for both students and teachers. A student travels to school in the morning simply by tapping her token against an NFC phone on the school bus, or a contactless reader on the public bus or at the subway turnstile. When she gets to school, she can then check in at an entry kiosk, allowing teachers and administrators to know that she has arrived safely. In her various classes, she registers attendance against a kiosk or an NFC phone, generating an attendance record for that class. At lunch, she can use her token to register attendance in the cafeteria or tap her card against a Point-of-Sale reader to pay for a meal or snack. For special events, such as sports games and concerts, a school attendant can use an NFC phone to monitor entry by authorized students. A student’s wallet, keys and various other cards and tickets can all be consolidated into one secure token, which teachers and administrators can now read using Android phones.

ScholarChip is a leading provider of advanced applications for the educational community. ScholarChip has pioneered the concept of integrated SSOS for K-12 schools. The system includes a variety of applications to manage school operations and safety while reducing administrative overhead.

ScholarChip’s programs also extend beyond K-12 schools. In the College and University market ScholarChip provides advanced financial solutions including Tuition Plans, Loan Servicing, Payment Gateway and notification.

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