The Educational ERP

Empowering E-Age Education

Eduberry-ERP is a flagship product of Uniworld Edusoft Pvt. Ltd.; a breakthrough educational ERP that has been designed especially to take the standard of education to greater heights. Eduberry is basically an online educational ERP which is a complete campus management solution for premium educational institutes. Above all, it is a harmonious blend of technology, learning, and communication.

Eduberry-ERP, a new generation Educational ERP, combines all aspects and functionalities of an educational institute including Academics, Administration, Human Resource Information System, Finance, Marketing, Library Management, and Communication. With a cutting-edge performance, Eduberry connects all stakeholders with utmost ease.

Eduberry caters to the Education Industry – one of the prime and fasted growing industries of India. It is known to one and all that the Education Industry stupendously contributes to nation building. But, we also know that the education sector faces major complexities because they are subject to the vagaries of the market forces that result from stiff competition. Needless to say, the educational institutions need management tools which are sophisticated. They deserve the best in terms of management practices and technology for carrying out their internal as well as external operations. Present day scenario talks of comprehensive as well as highly automated management systems for education management known as educational ERPs. This is where Eduberry steps in. Eduberry-ERP is a single-minded focus, a concrete initiative in bringing IT innovations to the education sector.

Since its inception, we have progressively grown as a provider of high-quality, cost-effective business solutions within our domains, and we attribute this to our ability to evolve continuously and our flexible approach towards the dynamic business world. Today, we provide top quality educational solutions to single and multi-campus institutions across the globe.


Product Overview

ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning is a common term used for integrating software applications for an organization. It helps in better management of vital assets of an institution. ERP helps in enhancing the functioning of manufacturing, accounting, sales and customer relationship management. ERP is a perfect solution recommended for easy access and control to various aspects of company management. Today, it is a commonly used software platform for managing the varied infrastructure of an organization. Modular forms of ERP are usually implemented by performing stage by stage process.

Eduberry has a lot to offer to its valuable clients. All clients are very important but as individual requirements and capacities may vary to large extent, Eduberry is offered in 3 different Plans to cater to these specific capacity based needs. This was a result of a lot of thinking and comprehensive market survey that identified the categorization possible based on requirement of individual institutes. The three major plans offered by Eduberry are:

1. Eduberry School

Eduberry School is a centralized automated system which enables schools to manage their academic processes and administrations with greater flexibility. The concept is for schools who believe in empowering its teachers and students for a better communication.

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2. Eduberry Higher Education & Research

After in-depth analysis of the requirements of different institutes, Uniworld Edusoft Pvt. Ltd. has come up with a design of an Education ERP meant esp. for Colleges and organizations. It is an online tool to help you run your Institution more efficiently and productively.

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