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Why Partner with Us?

Eduberry’s new Partner Program holds greater profit potential for both Team Eduberry and its partners. The structure, which includes the best possible tools and an absolute marketing, technical and sales support, has been designed to create multiple business opportunities those who want to work in close collaboration.

Eduberry ERP and other proven IT solutions are world-class products which can highly satisfy their customers’ IT requirements. Selling them can be satiating because you know that you are selling solid and superior IT solutions and participating in molding the Education sector. As the Eduberry and its products continue to reach out a wider audience, you earn more profits. Eventually, partnering with Eduberry becomes a win-win situation.

To Differentiate Yourself

You have a reputation in the marketplace. Protect it. Eduberry is the key to provide professional ERP solutions for professional enterprises. Create a different identity; be a step higher than your competitors. Eduberry ERP products are recognized by reputed schools and colleges.

To Increase Revenue and Profits

IT is being inculcated in the Education sector like never before. Since people are realizing its potential big time, the demand is increasing. This is what makes investment in Eduberry, profitable. Partnering with Eduberry generates new outlets and maximizes revenue in the marketplace.

To Increase Productivity

It’s time you concentrated on new opportunities and let Eduberry renew your business, and increase annual revenue. Eduberry’s competitive upgrades and unique cost structure for educational sector help you shorten the sales cycle.

To limit Costs

You believe in the doctrine of customer satisfaction, which is why Eduberry’s support services come in. Individual projects are easy to learn, understand and support. Hence, collaborating with Eduberry reduces the technical support cost and in turn saves a lot of your precious time and finances.

For Convenience

Working with Eduberry means more convenient business processes. Eduberry provides you all the required assistance and support in sales, marketing and technical. We even recommend and promote you to our customers. Proactive partners are rewarded with apt sales incentives.

To Work with Peace

Team Eduberry is flexible and faster in decision making, and can guarantee perennial assistance. With Eduberry, you are open to communicate freely about special needs of customers. All Eduberry operations are conducted through different route. This protects your profit margins and business opportunities.

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