Library Information Management System

Educational Institutions give importance to their libraries as they understand that its growth is dependent on a rich library and the benefits students avail from it. Eduberry’s Library Information Management System (LIMS) is an infrastructure that manages the brain of an Institute.

LIMS has flexible and convenient features that allow librarians and library users to access books in the minimum time. It contains a list of books based on title, authors and ISBN number, book synopsis, book lender records, and other details of the books available.

It is a pre-designed library database for a comprehensive library management. Installing it would be leap forward in the area of functionalities and professionalism. It is a clear and concise out-of-the-box solution that makes library access simpler. This module is a user friendly virtual Library that enables management of arrival of new journals and books. Essentially, LIMS encompasses all library functions.

Features of Library Management Software:

Library Acquisition
• Suggestion Management
• Receive Item
• Acquisition
• Weeding Out
• Master File Management
• Order Cancellation
• Order Processing
• Order Reminders
• Receiving/Accessioning
Library Cataloging
• Bibliographical Index
• Database Creation
• Gratis – Donation In
• Gratis – Transfer In
• Import / Export Facility
• Membership
• OPAC Search
Library Circulation
• Bindery
• Inter Library Loan – Borrowing In
• Inter Library Loan – Borrowing Return
• Inter Library Loan – Lending Out
• Inter Library Loan – Lending Return
• Issue
• Overdue Lists
• Reminders
• Renew
• Report Generation
• Return
• Stock Verification
• Transfer Out
Library OPAC
• Boolean Searching
• Field Based Browsing
• Hierarchical Browsing
• Personalized Articles Indexing
• Personalized CAS
• Personalized SDI
• Simple And Advanced Searching
Library Masters
• Author List
• Donor List
• External Library List
• Library Settings
• Publisher List
• Vendor List
• Browsing Issues
• Invoice Processing
• Kardex
• Payments
• Reminders
• Renewals

Benefits of Library Automation Software:

a. Effectively streamlines library processes
b. Clear and concise work flow; easy to learn and use
c. OPAC search; allows online book search
d. Users can create their own cataloging system
e. Create a multiple campus online cataloging system
f. Generates barcodes for book
g. Users can acquire books online
h. Multiple campus book circulation