Human Resource Information System

A highly customizable Human Resources Management System is an excellent tool for completely streamlining HR functions in an educational organization. It is a multi features HR management system that caters to the specific requirements and needs of your institute, irrespective of its size in order to make management tasks smooth.

Eduberry’s Human Resource Management system is a set of rich features that seamlessly integrate with other departments. Broadly, it covers 4 aspects of HR management: Training, Recruitment, Payroll and Attendance. Its primary function is to optimize HR operations by reducing time-intensive administrative tasks and lowering costs of deploying manual services.

It makes you capable of writing the success story of your organization. This module is basically a strategic approach towards managing the employees of your institute, the people who are your assets in the true sense of the term. It is user friendly, adds immense value, and increases the efficiency to the optimum level.

Features of HR Information Systems:

• Employee Profiling
• Branch And Role Allocation Department
• Employee Docs
• Employment Category
• Holiday List
• Human Assets
• Interview Type
• Leave Types
• Leaves
• My Leave Record
• My Prof. Fees Record
• Apply For Leave
• Policies & Procedures

Benefits of Human Resource Software:

a. Records, stores and maintains demographic details of the employees
b. Automatically manages leave applications of the employees
c. Records data for employee appraisal
d. Generates salary slips based on the employee attendance records
e. Generates different types of reports like salary slip, form 16, leave reports, PF records, TDS records, etc.
f. Handles payrolls efficiently
g. Streamlines recruitment processes
h. Integrates Biometric attendance