Features module

Modules of an educational ERP are a mode of connecting various department of an educational organization. There can be several Modules of an ERP system depending on the kind of requirements. Each of these modules corresponds to one or the other functional area of an enterprise. An educational ERP is devised in such a way that modules could be included, training its staff and access to different aspects can become easy, and security features could be assigned easily. The reason behind creating a module based design is that the staff find it easy to understand and it is intuitive to use.

Before choosing a module for your ERP system, make sure that it comes with all the core components that will help you solve all critical issues of your institute. Strategically it is important that the one you choose is in the right alignment with your organization. If you are a multi-campus enterprise, then you need to make sure that the modules are able to connect you to all to people based in far off campuses. Not only connectivity, but it should also be able to multiply and optimize your resources, of academic tasks faster. A good educational ERP must contain the following basic modules: Academics management, Library Management, Enrollment Management, Human Resources Management, and finance Management.

Eduberry Modules offer the right kind of ERP solutions for institutes that aim at automating their academic processes, and ameliorate their efficiency. Eduberry has carefully selected the features and functionalities of each module so that not even a single area of academic management is rendered untouched. This Institute Management Solution will direct your institute to the right path, with its unique optimization methods, customization and centralization techniques.