ERP software provider SAP offers immediate success to users

20th March

Companies that implement enterprise resource planning (ERP) software by SAP will enjoy immediate success, it has been claimed.

The International Data Corporation (IDC) has named the technology firm as a MarketScape leader for IT education, an honor that recognizes its ability to deliver new solutions effectively.

One of the key factors in SAP’s success is the training and education it offers to new users of its equipment.

“SAP makes training available along with the beta-testing release of the software to both test the training and provide the ecosystem and early adopting clients with the best opportunity for [success],” the IDC report on the matter stated.

As well as initial success, SAP is capable of helping businesses achieve their expansion goals, according to a recent IndustryWeek article written by its vice-president Mindy Fiorentino.

SAP is said to provide expert training to about 300,000 people across the world each year through both classroom education and e-learning.

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