Educators to Ride the eLearning Wave at Moodlemoot AU

NetSpot, one of the top Moodle Partners globally and a BRW Fast 100 growing company will again be hosting Moodlemoot AU 2012 from 1-4 July in the Gold Coast.

Moodle is a globally successful, Australian made, Open Source Learning Management System which has been adopted by over 40% of Australian Universities over the past five years.

Moodlemoot is Asia Pacific’s most comprehensive Moodle conference which attracts educational practitioners, eLearning managers and technologists from all sectors. The University of Southern Queensland are co-organisers of the event and key advisors of the conference organising committee.


Keynote speakers include Martin Dougiamas, Moodle founder and lead developer, Thomas Cochrane, Academic Advisor and Senior Lecturer in Educational Technology, Auckland University of Technology, Centre for Learning and Teaching and ABC Open project Directors, Cath Dwyer and Ann Chesterman.

Addressing the ‘Riding the Wave’ theme that ties in with Gold Coast beach location, Moodlemoot will provide opportunities for participants to learn and share with a focus on core themes including:

•Riding the Crest – Move to Moodle 2 and Up

Strategies and techniques used to evaluate or deploy Moodle 2.x successfully.

•Enjoying the Sun – Moodle Showcase

Presentations of papers, research and case studies of smart practices, outstanding examples, lessons learned and success stories.

•Slip, Slop, Slap – Breaking Barriers

Using Moodle to support students at risk, indigenous/remote education, language learning, etc.

•Rip Curl – Integrating & Extending Moodle

Covers any other tools that people have used and/or are developing, looking to develop in conjunction with Moodle to enhance learning.

•Pipeline – Moodle How To’s

Showing, actively working with others on how to set up and complete various components of Moodle.

•Hang Ten – The Moodle Community

About community, collaboration and sharing, places/people to go to, ways of helping, Moodle Docs, connections, etc.

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