Eduberry School – Overview

Eduberry – ERP School is all together a unique version of Eduberry – the education ERP because it has been created especially for schools. Since today’s schools are opting for IT infrastructure, and adopting ERPs in their management systems, Uniworld Edusoft Pvt Ltd. has devised this comprehensive centralized management system. The design is such that the functionalities cater successfully to the all the aspects of managing a school; the benefits are higher if it is a multi-campus school. Greater flexibility and effortless management of academic processes is the concept behind its creation.

The online software simplifies administrative management, academic management and financial management of a school. For schools who believe in empowering its teachers, students and parents, and enabling seamless communication among its stake-holders, Eduberry School is user-friendly platform which not only allows a smooth flow of information, but also networking within the organization. Its perfection comes from the fact that it fulfills the basic necessities of an esteemed educational organization. Since it automates all management and academic processes, Eduberry School is just the kind of innovation, school management processes has been waiting for.