Eduberry School – Modules


Modules covered in Eduberry School are:

Academic Support

The primary aim of being a teacher is to look after the intellectual progress of students, isn’t it? It is common to wonder about the triviality of mundane tasks an academic job comes along with. There are the hassles of day-to-day activities other than studies in the classroom. Eduberry greatly assists teachers for secondary concerns like managing timetable, attendance, assignments, maintenance of student portfolio, report cards, and customizable reports like comparative analysis of students, etc. which they regularly deals with. It empowers teachers, both on and off the classroom, and creates more time, more quality time for devoting to students

Admission & Enrollment

Every year, when it is the time for admissions, an educational institute faces the hectic schedule of printing forms, collecting applications, declaring merit lists, collecting fees, etc. This traditional method of admissions and enrollments, incurs a huge amount of expenses to the enterprise in terms of paper-cost and Human Resources. But times are changing; they are changing because educational institutions have become vary of the importance of time and resources in a fiercely competitive world. Therefore, there are the IT-enabled centralized online admissions management systems which reduce manual work, time consumption, and finances. Candidates/Applicants get a platform to apply for a seat, choose their programs, and pay the fee at the same time. A few clicks and the administration are ready with a new set of students for the next academic year.

Student Finance

One of the crucial processes of an education institute is managing fees of hundreds of students. And if fee transactions are to happen online, then security becomes an important factor. At Eduberry, we understand this need for a secure campus management system which guarantees safe fee transactions. The online software is highly customized to suit the fee structure of a particular institute. It reduces the tedious task of payment of fee and managing fee records, and in turn increases the efficiency of the Management system. Receiving fee, printing fee receipts, fee reminders, fee reports and other such functions are performed effortlessly

Human Resource Information System

Write the success story of your Organization with Eduberry’s Human Resource Management system. It is a strategic approach towards managing an organization’s ‘people’ – the people who make the organization, and who are the assets in true sense. The role of HR management module is to store and manage demographic details and address data, selection, training and development, skills management, compensation planning records and other related activities. Employee related information, payroll and other important data pertaining to finances are collected through this module. It is user friendly, adds immense value, and increases the efficiency to the optimum level.

Library Information Management System

Library is where the heart of an educational infrastructure lies. Usually, when a person is in need of a book for immediate reference, they personally visit the library, search for the relevant book, and issue it. What if this could be done virtually? Eduberry’s Library module is a virtual library that enables a person to search for books, reserve a book, issue a book, maintaining inventory, OPAC search, etc. The job of a librarian as well becomes simpler because this online software stores, records, and analyzes the data for him. Every record related to acquisition, cataloging, and circulation of books, is stored securely. This software is nothing but an online version of an actual Library, but more accessible and convenient.


In an IT age, SMS, E-mail, Notes, Messages, etc. are the means of communication. Educational communication can become faster, more convenient, paper-less, secure and instant if they are incorporated in its management system. Uniworld Edusoft Pvt. Ltd.’s educational ERP, Eduberry, does the same. It facilitates forum discussions, file exchange, Internal emails, and web based emails, online journals, notes, offline messages, real time chat, and more.

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