Eduberry School – High Tech Integration

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Bar Code Scanner

Bar Code Scanners are used with Eduberry Higher Education & Research Module at locations like library for scanning bar codes on books, scanning student information at fee counter, taking mess attendance/entrance, student/staff attendance at the main gate, etc.

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Time and Attendance Machine

Personnel Tracking Machines are used to keep track of personnel activities including time worked, security clearance, permissions, staff & student identity verification, and more. Time Clocks attached with these machines keep track of time worked by employees via digital, mechanical or proximity technology. Systems are available for managing a few or many hundreds of staff/students using Biometric Machines by finger or thumb or highly productive computer controlled swipe card systems.

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Bar Coded I-Cards/Library Cards

There are 3 components that make up a Barcode card based Time and Attendance system/Library Book Issues/Return system in Eduberry Higher Education & Research. First, barcode readers are used to allow employees/students to make quick and accurate time transactions. Second, data taken from these devices needs to be managed and stored by PCs connected with them into Eduberry Higher Education & Research. Third, management of the time transactions, payroll generation, Library transactions etc. are done by the different modules of Eduberry Higher Education & Research ERP to give the user smart reports and analysis. Bar Code based Cards can be printed in-house by the campus easily and immediately any time. So, it saves a lot of time and per card cost.

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SMS Gateway

Eduberry Higher Education & Research is fully integrated with SMS Gateway facility via web. Specific SMS Alerts can be sent to Parents, Faculty, Students and others from the ERP. Example: Fee Deposition, Student’s Regular Absenteeism, etc.