Eduberry ERP Upgrades – The New Faculty Feedback Module

Eduberry – Institute Management Solution is getting better with each passing day. Recently, Eduberry, the flagship product of Uniworld Edusoft Pvt. Ltd., added a new feather to its cap – The Faculty Feedback Module.

This module aims at constructive criticism. Since Feedback is one the most positive and effective tools affecting learning and achievement of both students and faculties, Eduberry came up with the idea of this module.

Faculty Feedback modules is an online activity and highly customizable. Faculties are graded by students on the basis of 5 major attributes, viz. Knowledge, Style, Impact, Queries, and Availability. It is compulsory for the students to actively participate in the evaluation. They can anonymously grade their teachers, and teachers do not get to view anything other than their grades. Only the Dean has the rights to view which student graded which teacher and how much.

An automated report is generated at the end of the feedback process. On receiving all the grades and marks, a comparative analysis of all teachers can be made according to batches, subjects and terms.

One of the major advantages to the educators is that the feedback form is completely dynamic in nature. Addition or editing of attributes, values and grading scales can be done as per their requirements.

The module has been tested in renowned schools. Its results have helped in identifying the areas of weakness and development, and in turn given schools and colleges a chance to grow and explore their potential.

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