Eduberry and its Library Information Management System

Eduberry – Institute Management Solution is a modular approach to numerous academic and non academic processes. One of the modules that Eduberry encompasses is the Library Information Management System (LIMS). It is web based solution based on innovative IT technology which focuses on automating the vital library activities.
LIMS sub-modules include Library Acquisition, Library Cataloguing, Library Circulation, Library OPAC, and Library Masters. Together they automate functions like:

  • Customization and printing acquisition reports
  • Generates accounts reports
  • Cataloging based on Author, Title, Class, ISBN, etc.
  • Detecting duplicate records
  • Approval and ordering
  • Search based on Author, Title, Class, ISBN, etc.
  • Borrow/Return books/magazines/journals etc. from the comfort of your room
  • Generating barcode numbers
  • Data back-up and restoring tools
  • Loan period control
  • Online book acquisition

LIMS is a major benefit for students, faculties, and management of Higher Education & Research. The best thing about this module is that students can access e-books, .pdf, PPTs, and more related material without moving from their seats. All stakeholders get to access this virtual library; they can browse through the catalogue, learn about the books, available, read about the synopsis of their favorite books, and recommend their friends to read them.

LIMS is extendable and flexible as it can be customized depending on the nature of requirements. It will upgrade itself time and again, so that the users get the latest of their virtual library. It is easy to use and understand, and doesn’t require much training. Lastly, the module is cost effective, easily accessible and user-friendly.

The future scope of this application is immense. Once understood and imbibed in and educational organization, it will cause great benefits in terms of efficiency, finances, time, and resources.

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