Relationships maybe tough and need hard work. Without a sound communication between both parties there is a possibility of friction.

Communication is the key.

Eduberry understands the need for a comprehensive communication plan and how it can change the way organizational activities are carried out. A sound and transparent communication goes a long way in alleviating anxiety and confusions, especially when you are a part of academics.

Eduberry’ Communication module facilitates seamless, faster, more convenient, paper-less secure and transparent interaction between departments and users. This communication is streamline, automated and real time.

Features of Communication Software:

• E-Mails
• Messages
• Notifications
• Blogs
• Chats
• News Updates
• Notices
• Social Networking
• Status Updates
• Profile Management

Benefits of Business Management Software:

a. Integrates a chat server for online real time chat
b. SMS integration for instant alerts
c. Communication through internal mailing system
d. Integrates social networking features like birthday reminders
e. Users can manage profiles and customize them
f. Instantly sends campus new updates
g. Bulk SMS sending to groups of users