A Leading School Management Software Provider Announces the Release of School Library Module

A leading ERP service provider announces the release of a highly customized library management module, a suite of cloud-based, interactive library management solutions tailored for the K-12 market.

“Students, parents and school staff will have access to real-time information and instant access to critical learning resources,” said the Vice President of the company. “This system is technologically advanced and highly interactive, with an end goal of increasing readership and usage.”

This suite of products delivers two unique user experiences for secondary and elementary students. It also provides a dynamic and personalized reading experience for students in secondary schools, while Junior Librarian connects with elementary students through an engaging and brilliant interface.

Both systems feature full-color images and intuitive navigation, along with collaborative book reviews, featured reads and detailed author information. Additionally, floor plans and up-to-date resource tracking assists students and staff in quickly obtaining preferred materials.

“The focus of the system is to engage students, reaching them through the mediums they are accustomed to using (computer, kiosk, mobile device apps, etc.),” said one of the official of the company providing ERP services.

Both library management solutions provide unlimited cataloging of multimedia resources within a single database, accessible via the web or mobile devices. Library staff will be able to efficiently track loan information and compile asset management reports, as well as information on reader trends and circulation figures.

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